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Finding the time to attend therapy can be a challenge. For some, it feels like yet another thing to squeeze into your busy life. Imagine if you could access therapy at your finger tip without having to travel, it will be easy to include mental wellbeing as part of your routine.

How does it work?

Once you’ve booked your session, I will send you a secure video link to our meeting. Simply by clicking the video meeting link, you automatically get access to a safe, comfortable and easy access space for talking therapy.
This works similar to face to face meeting in a therapy room, except that we are in our own place meeting through a screen of our device.
My online therapy clients often comment that they feel less restricted and more willing to express themselves openly when they are in their own environment.
Without the need to travel, you can get yourself comfortable and ready to talk.

What is online therapy?

Online therapy is an alternative to traditional face to face therapy. It is ‘live’ therapy using a secure video-conferencing platform. You can access from your home, office or anywhere that you is convenient and comfortable for you.

Will my sessions be secure and confidential?

Yes, I offer online therapy on end-to-end encrypted platforms to protect your confidentiality. It is important that you ensure you are in a confidential space where you can’t be overheard.

What equipment will I need?

You will need either a laptop, a mobile-phone or computer that has a video-camera, a microphone and speakers (most have them built in). You will also need to have sufficient internet connection to support a video call.

Does it work as well as face to face therapy?

Yes. Various case studies have suggested that videoconferencing counselling can be an effective means of treatment delivery (Simpson, 2009). Some evidence based on qualitative research suggests that online counselling might be a more comfortable and less threatening experience than a face-to-face session, which could be especially relevant for clients who experience social anxieties (Suler, 2010; D’Arcy et al., 2015).
You are no longer be limited by the location to go to somewhere close by but can choose a therapist that you really connect with. For clients who might struggle to attend therapy in person, online therapy can be a feasible alternative. It takes away the need to commute to a specific place, find parking and get settled in unfamiliar surroundings. As the result of the time you save from traveling, you will have more energy to put into your therapy session.

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